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Vaikasi Vishakam – June 14, 6:30 PM

Vaikasi Visakam is celebrated as birthday of Lord Murugan. It is celebrated during Visakam Nakshatra in Tamil month Vaikasi

6:30 PM Puja, Archana, Naivedyam
7:00 PM Arti and Prasad

Puja Sponsorship:
$51 Puja
$20 Archana


2nd Annual Fathers Day Celebration, Sunday June 16th 7PM

Taittiriya Upanishad, Shikshavalli I.11.2 that says: matrudevo bhava, pitrudevo bhava, acharyadevo bhava, atithidevo bhava.
Vedas gave utmost importance to Father & Mother. Fathers is bridge between Earth and Heaven for Children to progress from Basic to Better, he is a Guru!

Lets follow it and celebrate Fathers Day on Sunday, June 16th at 7:00PM in Mandir.
What more can be a better occasion to come to Mandir and Celebrate Fathers day and follow our Vedic culture through we always love our Father, not just on one day.


Deba Snana Purnima, June 16th 5 – 8:30 PM


On this full-moon day, a special bath of Jagannath takes place on the Purnima of Jyestha month to commemorate the appearance or Birth Day of Lord Jagannath.He becomes sick and is confined to rest for fourteen days. He is then offered special care until he comes out for Rath Mahotsav.

JSC Deb Snan