About Us

Mandir is a non-profit California 501(c)(3) Public Religious Corporation approved by the Internal Revenue Service. All donations are Federal & State Tax deductible. All donations to the Mandir are used for meeting the Mandir expenses only and remain local. These funds do not benefit any individual or organization. Income and Expense statements prepared by qualified accounting professionals are posted regularly at the Mandir.

Mandir was established in Yugabda 5106 (Year 2004) with a goal of providing a place of worship and serve the needs of Vaidika (Sanatan) Dharma followers. Sanatan Dharma is the oldest religion on earth. Mandir’s objective is to establish a permanent place of worship, religious and related cultural activities with emphasis to keep young children connected with our great religion and heritage.

Mandir’s qualified Pujaris provide necessary religious services.
The Mandir is managed by unpaid volunteers. Current makeup and organization of the volunteers is listed under the link Seva Team.

Mandir is located in Irvine, one of the safest large city in USA.