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Dola Purnima – March 23rd, 2PM

Dola Purnima

Dola Purnima” is a popular festival in the coastal districts of Odisha. Lord Jagannath is worshiped as the name of “DolaGovinda” in this festival.On this day, Lord Govinda with Maa Bhudevi and Maa Sridevi make rounds in the Dola (Palanquin) around the Lord Jagannath temple, Puri. The Dola visits the houses and the family in the house offer daan, dakshina, flowers, fruits etc. also offer Abhira (Color). We are creating houses (camps) for different communities. Please share and come with your friends and families.




Moortie Mandap

Dhanyavad to Ramakrishna Raju and Family for donating $5116 for Radha Krishna Mandap

Dhanyavad to Shrimati Rama Sharma and family for donating $5000 for Lakshmi Vishnu Mandap in memory of late Shri Hukum Sharma. 

Dhanyavad to Sudarshan ji, Prathima ji and Family for donating $5001 for Kartikeya Mandap

Dhanyavad to JSC for donating Mandap for Bhagwan Jagannath

Dhanyavad to Thirumala Reddy garu and Family for donating $1116 for Mandap

Karthikeya, Valli, Devayani Abhishekam – 5.30 pm- 3rd Saturday

5.30 pm – Subramanya/Kartikeya Swamy Puja
7 pm – Abhishekam, Archana, Arti & Potluck Prasad welcome.  
Abhishekam Sponsor: $51, Abhishekam Sankalp:$21, Archana $15.
All Donations welcome.
Organizer: Balagopalan  Phone: 949 689 2088