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Mandir’s Monthly recurring expenses of $25,000 include Pujari Salaries, Dinner Prasad, Electric, Water and Gas utilities, maintenance, rent etc. Please place all donations in Donation Boxes and write checks to “Mandir” . You can also help by donating On Line Via Paypal or Intuit (By Check). 
 Dhanyavad for your help.

Mandir is an IRS approved 501 (c) 3 Non Profit Religious Organization managed by unpaid volunteers. Every penny donated is only used for meeting Mandir expenses. 

All donations are fully tax deductible and only used for the benefit of this Mandir. Every cent received is only used for meeting Mandir expenses. None of the money is used to benefit any individuals, founders, swamiji or domestic or overseas organizations. Anyone interested in financial information details can contact anyone in Management Team.

Supported by: Deepak Sharma, Suresh Lohiya, Aditya Shah, Dharma Shakya, K. Balgopalan, and others.